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HYHH Meets You at The Western Green and Low-Carbon Environmental Sanitation Strategy Summit

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HYHH Meets You at The Western Green and Low-Carbon Environmental Sanitation Strategy Summit

2024-04-07 11:39:44

In order to clarify the low-carbon development strategy in the environmental sanitation field in the western region and decode the high-quality development of urban and rural sanitation, the first Western Green Low-carbon Environmental Sanitation Strategy Summit will be held grandly at the Xi'an High-tech International Conference on April 11-12, 2024. The summit will focus on the theme of "Western Linkage, Joint Construction of Environmental Sanitation; Green and Low-Carbon, Shared Future!" and organize a series of seminars, government-enterprise docking - high-level closed-door salons, the 7th Western Environmental Sanitation Expo and other major events Activity.
On the afternoon of April 11, Zhang Jingyu, chairman of Beijing Huayuhuihuang Eco-Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., will deliver an important speech on "The Current Situation and Breakthrough of Small Domestic Waste Treatment in the Western Region" at the "Domestic Waste Thermal Treatment Facilities Construction and Operation Seminar" at the summit. On April 11-12, HYHH will appear at the 2024 Seventh Western Environmental Sanitation Expo at the booth number B02. We look forward to the visit of industry professionals!
01 Company Profile
Beijing Huayuhuihuang Eco-Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd (HYHH), founded in 2016, is an ecological environmental governance integrated service provider. HYHH provides professional comprehensive solutions and customized services in potable water, industrial wastewater, municipal solid waste, and organic waste. 
HYHH has been rated as National High Technology Enterprises Certificate, Zhongguancun High Technology Enterprises Certificate, Beijing professional and special novel “small giant” enterprises, a number of general contracting level II qualification, and has obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and Intellectual Property Management System certificates. HYHH has maintained long-term cooperation in production, learning and research with scientific research units of many colleges and universities, and has achieved research results in many fields. 
At present, HYHH has more than 100 employees, designs and develops dozens of different types of equipment such as wastewater and solid waste treatment, has a number of products with independent intellectual property rights.
Core values: “Reverence for Nature and Life, Create and Win Together”


(1)One Stop Service
Eco-environmental governance integrated service providers. Our high-quality products and full-process services have won unanimous praise from our customers.
(2)OEM & ODM
We can provide high quality design services according clients' goals through professional design progress and creative visual angle. We have production factory to make equipment more cost-effective.
(3)Quality Control
We adhere to high quality and reasonable prices, owning advanced industry technology and more than 100 patents and certifications.
(4)Environmentally Friendly
Reverence for Nature and Life, Create and Win Together. Provides a business model with triple impact, generating environmental, social and economic benefits. 

02 Main display product introduction
High Temperature Pyrolysis Waste Incinerator
High Temperature Pyrolysis Waste Incinerator is used for on-site, centralized and continuous treatment of small and medium-sized waste in remote areas, scenic spots and other places. The core of this technology is an integrated pyrolysis gasification furnace, which adopts the process of "pretreatment + pyrolysis gasification + waste heat recycling + flue gas ultra-clean treatment". The thermal ignition rate of the treated ash is less than 5%, and the treated flue gas meets the relevant requirements of local emission standards. By optimizing the structure of the pyrolysis gasification system and designing the flue gas treatment system, the equipment can operate stably without combustion and achieve ultra-clean flue gas emissions.
03 Contact Information
Tel: 086-010-61379103
Website: www.hyhhecosolutions.com/
Email: hyhh@huayuhuihuang.cn
Add: Building 17, No. 69, Yanfu Road, Financial Security Industrial Park, Fangshan District, Beijing
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