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Agricultural Waste Disposal Equipment

Agricultural Waste Disposal Equipment (AWD) is a complete set of environmental protection equipment independently developed by HYHH. According to the characteristics of garden waste, this equipment uses microbial aerobic fermentation technology to quickly decompose and convert garden waste into humus.The discharged material can be used as organic fertilizer, soil conditioner, cultivation substrate, etc, for ecological planting. The equipment realizes the reduction and recycling of garden waste.

    Application Scope

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    Plant waste from urban garden landscaping and crop straw from agricultural production, including litter, pruned branches, lawn clippings, weeds, seeds and other waste.

    Equipment Features

    Agricultural Waste Disposal Equipment (AWD) provides practical and scalable solutions for agricultural waste management. Its modular design and intuitive operation make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from small gardening operations to large agricultural enterprises. We can customize the equipment scale and equipment technology according to the actual situation of your project to ensure the best performance and efficiency.
    The equipment is specifically tailored to the characteristics of garden and agricultural waste, ensuring it is processed efficiently and effectively. Through microbial aerobic fermentation technology, AWD helps reduce and recycle garden waste, ultimately helping to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural ecosystem.

    Thermophilic Fermentation: High reaction rate with temperature between 45-70℃, and completed in 24 hours.
    High Resource Utilization: More than 90% of agricultural waste resource utilization.
    Eco-friendly: Stable output material, and no waste water or waste gas are produced during the operation of the equipment.
    Modular Design: Flexible indoor and outdoor equipment combination.

    Process Flow


    Product Specifications


    Daily capacity


    Reduction rate


    Resource rate


    Service life


    Suitable area




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    ≥ 90





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    ≥ 90



    Environmental Standards

    Wastewater: No waste water while operating.
    Exhaust Gas: The purified exhaust gas meets the local emission standards.
    Organic Fertilizer:Each index meets the relevant standards of local organic fertilizer and can be sold as organic fertilizer.

    Project Cases