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DW Containerized Water Purification Machine

Containerized Drinking Water Purification Machine

DW Containerized Water Purification Machine (DW) main process relying on novel and advanced membrane separation technology, the development of mobile, skid-mounted drinking water treatment equipment. The water scale can meet the demand of 1-20 t/h (can be flexibly customized according to the demand). The output water standard is higher than the limit value of each index in the relevant local discharge standards.

    Application Scope

    It is widely used in surface water or underground water deep purification treatment to supply clean, safe and healthy living drinking water for villages and towns, tourist attractions, highway service areas, disaster emergencies and other scenarios.

    Process Flow

    Process description: "Ultra Filtration (UF) + Nanofiltration (NF) + Disinfection" double membrane method of water purification treatment process.

    Application of ultrafiltration technology can effectively remove suspended matter, colloidal particles and bacteria, viruses, cryptosporidium, etc. from water.
    Flux design: less than 40 L/m²·h
    Output turbidity: less than 0.1 NTU
    Recovery rate: >90%

    Nanofiltration technology can effectively remove heavy metals such as nitrate, sulfate, arsenic, calcium, magnesium and organic carcinogens from water, while retaining minerals and the right amount of trace elements in the water
    Flux design: less than 18 L/m²·h
    Desalination rate: >90%
    Recovery rate: 50-75%

    Equipment Features

    1. Simple process---Traditional drinking water purification plant needs to go through the prolong engineering bidding process; while the intelligent integrated drinking water purification station is highly equipped, can directly pass the government procurement of equipment and services process.
    2. Fast response---Functional units are highly integrated in the factory with standard equipment and modularization, while the civil construction part of the project site only needs to configure the equipment foundation, and the project is expected to be completed in 30--45 days from the signing the contract.
    3. Land saving---Traditional village and township water purification plants need to build civil plants, pools, water towers and other buildings or structures, and need to meet the building code requirements.and requires large area for construction., Whereas intelligent integrated drinking water purification station in the form of containers, which is highly integrated.,can saves land use more 60% than the traditional water plant.
    4. Investment saving---Engineering equipment can reduce the cost of recruiting agent, engineering survey and design costs, and also reduce land acquisition and civil construction costs. In general greatly it saves overall investment of the project.
    5. Quality assurance---In the factory processing and manufacturing process, in accordance with the internal quality control documents strict quality control, each link (such as material, pressure, water testing, leak testing, program control, etc.) are subject to professional testing, meet the requirements before leaving the factory.
    6. High degree of intelligence---To ensure the safety of water supply while unattended, DW adapts the installation of the corresponding detection instrument, the PLC program control system and the tele-control function.
    7. High Flexbility---The equipment can meet long-term fixed use, and short-term emergency use, therefore achieving flexible deployment, applicable to drinking water supply needs in different application scenarios.

    Equipment Structure and Appearance

    Figure. DW Containerized Water Purification Machine - structure section view (fixed, water scale over 10t/h)

    Product Specifications






    Operating Power (kW)





















    (1) The above dimensions are for reference only, if the functional unit is adjusted, the actual dimensions can change slightly.
    (2) The water volume can be customized according to customer requirements, and the generator set can also be configured according to special needs for different application scenarios.

    Project Cases