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HYHH Participated in The Western Green and Low-Carbon Environmental Sanitation Strategy Summit

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HYHH Participated in The Western Green and Low-Carbon Environmental Sanitation Strategy Summit

2024-04-22 11:39:44

From April 11 to 12, the first Western Green and Low-Carbon Environmental Sanitation Strategy Summit and the 2024 Seventh Western (Xi'an) Environmental Sanitation Expo (Western Environmental Sanitation Summit Expo) were grandly held at the Xi'an High-tech International Expo Center. Beijing Huayuhuihuang Eco-Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd (HYHH) was invited to appear at the Western Environmental Sanitation Summit Expo.

The Expo took the form of a combination of conferences and exhibitions, and held a series of seminars, high-level closed-door salons, the 7th Western Environmental Sanitation Expo and other rich exhibition activities. Through various forms such as a display of environmental sanitation products and equipment, technical explanations, and business exchanges, the exhibition effectively promotes the development of the environmental sanitation industry in the Western region, improves the quality of people's lives, and helps build a beautiful China!
Advanced solid waste treatment products unveiled at the exhibition
At this exhibition, HYHH also brought technological and R&D results in the field of solid waste treatment, attracting many visitors to stop and watch and have in-depth exchanges. Among them, the "High Temperature Pyrolysis Waste Incinerator (HTP)" has attracted much attention.
Pyrolysis and gasification technology for small domestic waste is a high-temperature heat treatment technology. Its principle is a process in which organic macromolecules in the waste break to produce small molecule gas, tar and residue under anaerobic or anoxic conditions. Waste pyrolysis and gasification technology not only achieves waste reduction and harmlessness, but also effectively overcomes the problem of dioxin pollution caused by waste incineration, making it a waste treatment technology with great development prospects. Through continuous independent development, HYHH is at the internationally advanced level in the production of solid waste treatment equipment such as kitchen waste treatment, agricultural and forestry waste treatment, and livestock and poultry manure treatment.


There was an endless stream of visitors coming to the booth for consultation. During the communication process, industry customers fully recognized the technical advantages and on-site processing characteristics of the High Temperature Pyrolysis Waste Incinerator, and expressed that they were very optimistic about the prospects of the waste treatment and environmental protection industry.


HYHH staff explained the advantages of the equipment to visitors

Industry gathering on an unprecedented scale
Hundreds of people including department heads, industry experts, and representatives of environmental sanitation companies from Shaanxi, Qinghai, Ningxia, Gansu and other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions attended the event.


On the afternoon of April 11, Jingyu Zhang, Chairman of Beijing HYHH, delivered a speech

At the seminar on the construction and operation of domestic waste thermal treatment facilities, Jingyu Zhang, chairman of Beijing HYHH, gave a speech on "The Current Situation and Breakthroughs of Small Domestic Waste Treatment in the Western Region". Based on the regional characteristics of the western region, he introduced the current status and solutions of the High Temperature Pyrolysis Waste Incinerator in the western region. wait. He said that small domestic waste treatment equipment has the characteristics of being suitable for dispersed areas, and introduced HYHH's innovative concept of solid waste resource utilization, and sincerely invited merchants to come to HYHH.

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